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    $6,000,000 - A1921778
    Beds 4 - Baths 5

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    $1,500,000 - A2013636
    Beds 3 - Baths 3

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    $1,500,000 - A2008118
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $1,490,000 - A1864726
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $1,399,000 - A1983375
    Beds 3 - Baths 2

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    $1,375,888 - A1846631
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $1,200,000 - A1928522
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $1,175,000 - A2008465
    Beds 3 - Baths 3

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    $1,069,000 - A1993987
    Beds 4 - Baths 4

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    $1,050,000 - A1933191
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $1,020,000 - A2018963
    Beds 4 - Baths 3

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    $950,000 - A1951191
    Beds 4 - Baths 2

Aventura is seen by several people as a perfect community, be it for permanent residence, as a location to find a real estate investment, as a seasonal retreat, an excellent area to spot a family vacation, or where to seek a relaxing escape. A bit more than 3 sq. miles, this South Florida oasis is among the most in-demand in the Miami-Dade area.

Whether you are aiming to purchase or sell a real estate in the Aventura region, Aventura Luxury Realty can help you in accomplishing that goal. One of the very first terms that come to the mind of people whenever they hear about Aventura is “world- class shopping.” It is because it houses one of the biggest shopping malls in the United States and the largest one in that area, and this is Aventura Mall.

As a community, Aventura, deemed as the City of Excellence, has established itself as a haven of tropical landscapes. In this South Florida neighborhood, it is easy to find luxurious single-family homes and high-rise condominiums that are surrounded with water. As highly cognizable, the South Florida region is well-known for boasting water backdrops, making it as a perfect residential location for those who want to live near the waters.

12 miles north of Miami and also 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale, the City of Excellence, Aventura, is a beautiful, posh community in the heart of cosmopolitan South Florida. Similar with other prestigious communities in the South Florida region, Aventura is also well-acclaimed due to its explicit golf locations.

 It is a green community that is eloped by water which can only be accessed through a coral bridge. It is a subtropical setting that is packed with plunging waterfalls, and lots of green! There is definitely a very good reason why Aventura is referred to as an oasis amidst the hustles and bustles of Miami. Formerly known as the Turnberry Isle, Aventura houses 2 incredible golf courses, and these are Miller and Soffer golf courses, which were originally designed by the well-respected Robert Trent Jones Sr., and has been reinterpreted by Raymond Floyd.

Aventura community prides itself as “the best Florida golf,” boasting clever doglegs, contoured fairways, plunging greens, strategically set water features, excellently carved bunkers, as well as various elevation modifications, which enthrall and remonstrate the guests and residents. The City of Aventura is also well-known as a grand boating and sailing spot.

Here you can enjoy the sunset while in an exquisite water setting. You can also rent a fishing boat, a sailboat, or do kayaking for the entire day, while enjoying the bright light of Mr. Sun. No matter what your boating requirements are, there is certainly a boat somewhere in any of the marinas in Aventura. Whether you do it in small or big groups, you can book a boat and have a trip for a couple of hours or for few day trips, be it around the majestic Biscayne Bay or explore the beauty of Aventura’s neighbor, Bahamas.

Other than shopping, boating and sailing, and golf, the City of Excellence is also a great location to endure a nice, rejuvenating spa. For a lavish spa experience, you and your friends or family can go to Mobil Four-Start Spa. It 25,000 sq. ft. in size and it has been deemed as the top spa in the United states by the “World’s Best Spas” of Conde Nast Traveler.

Live in Aventura and discover its other mesmerizing wonders.


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The Face of High End Living: Country Club Estates in Aventura, Florida



Aventura MallThe beautiful city of Aventura is situated in the northeastern part of the Miami-Dade County. Its beauty has been accented further by lavish single-family communities, condo developments, as well as town house developments. It was in the year 1995 that The City of Excellence became an independent city.

Among the aspects that made Aventura a popular residential spot in South Florida is the famous Aventura Mall. As highly cognizable, the Aventura Mall is deemed as the 5th largest shopping mall in America. Aside from the fact that it is just northeast of Miami-Dade County, it is also on the south of Hallandale City, as well as north of North Miami Beach.

This only means that living in Aventura will make you proximal to a lot of great attractions. Aside from the Aventura Mall, there are other fashion and shopping havens in The City of Excellence, like The Shoppes at the Waterways, Loehmann’s Fashion Island, the Promenade Shops, and the Aventura Commons.

Dreaming of living in Aventura Florida? When it comes to Aventura real estate crowning glories, among the best communities to check out is the Country Club Estates Aventura or also known as the Aventura Estates. In a South Florida city that is renowned for the premier Aventura Mall and towering condominiums, the Country Club Estates Aventura truly stands out from the other communities in this region.

The Country Club Estates Aventura is the sole single family residential property which is situated on the internationally acclaimed Turnberry Golf Course, which perfectly sits in the heart of this magnificent city. Aventura Estates features British Colonial inspired home properties, which range from 2,600 to 5,500 sq. ft., which are ideal for pet owners and big families.

In Country Club Estates Aventura, you can find home properties that sport as many as 6 bedrooms, embodying lavishness, elegance, as well as generous amount of space, where you can entertain your relatives and friends anytime. Among the main reasons why Country Club Estates Aventura is highly in-demand is due to the fact that it offers its prospective buyers with several floor plans, so as luxury options.

This includes a dense urban environment, which is something that South Florida is known for. Some of the best features of Aventura Estates are:


  • This exuberant community is directly situated on the golf course


  • It features 2-story single-family home design
  • Children’s playground


  • Personal 2-car garages
  • Exclusive swimming pools in majority of home properties


You deserve to experience utmost privacy and comfort, and these are luxuriously presented by Country Club Estates Aventura. It offers a variety of local entertainment and features, such as, but not limited to:


  •  Top-notch restaurants


  •  World-acclaimed Aventura Mall and other high end shopping destinations


  • Closeness to 2 major airports in South Florida, and these are the Fort Lauderdale International Airport and Miami International Airport


  • Convenient access to the best and famous beaches in South Florida
  • Well-known Fairmont-Turnberry Isle Resort and Club


Attaining your dream house and being eloped by the vibrant lifestyle of Aventura are just among the many perks of working with Aventura Luxury Realty.



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Exquisite Boat and Sailing Experience in Aventura, Florida


The peaceful and ravishing beauty of Aventura, a water front community, would not be complete without giving the residents the chance to enjoy its open waters, as well as relax luxuriously. Aventura, The City of Excellence, is popular for giving high-end shopping experience. A destination would not be called as high end if there are no sail boats or yacht.

Aventura Luxury RealtyExquisite boating and sailing experience, this is something Aventura can render to the guests, particularly to its residents. In Aventura, people can enjoy the sunset while on a sailboat or yacht. The City of Excellence is also well-known for kayaking and fishing, which are among the best ways to enjoy the waters and the sun.

Aventura is prosperous in boats, thus, you can find a boat docked in any of its marinas, waiting to take people for a joyous ride on the waters. In this South Florida gem, people can take large or small group trips, or do sailing for a couple of days around the scenic Biscayne Bay. If you want, you can go all the way to the neighboring country, the Bahamas.

It is easy to spot a boat in Aventura that would fit your style and needs. There are boat rentals that cater to businesses, large groups, as well as those who are yearning to host a party on the water. Most of these boat rental companies offer luxury mega yachts, which are indeed perfect for stylish parties, and for groups that range from 12 to 400 individuals.

One of the main highlights of Aventura is the Turnberry Isle Marina Yacht Club. Its marina sits on the famous Intracoastal Waterway. It is among the lavish amenities of the famous luxury hotel in Aventura, the Turnberry Isle Miami. This prestigious yacht club of Aventura offers 117 slips that suit for water vessels up to 150 feet in size.

Living in Aventura, Florida…

Aventura is considered as among the most prestigious cities in South Florida. It perfectly sits on Miami-Dade County’s northeast corner. Called as The City of Excellence, it is a planned suburban city; an ideal location that literally gives the best of everything. Despite of its young age since it has just been incorporated in the year 1995, Aventura is a full service, vibrant municipality that offers future residents with award-winning amenities, as well as dynamic demographic.

Other than a superb boat and sailing experience, Aventura also takes pride from the fact that it houses one of the best exclusive championship golf courses in the United States, and this is the Turnberry Isle Golf Course. Before, Aventura is only deemed as one of the places to relax. Today, it is now considered as an in-demand residential location that offers magnificent beautiful vacation lifestyle.

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Enjoying a Genuine Aventura Lifestyle in Williams Island


Williams Island condosAn 80-acre community that sits on the prestigious Intracoastal Waterway in The City of Excellence, Aventura; the prominent community of Williams Island seamlessly combined the 1920s French charm and contemporary elegance. There are a lot of real estate experts that consider the Williams Island as “The Florida Riviera.”

Williams Island in Aventura, Florida offers 360 sceneries of the city, Intracoastal real estate, and ocean, making it as among the most breathtaking destinations in South Florida. Here, real estate purchasers can see a variety of properties, which range from homes to condos. The real estate properties in Williams Island offers its residents an unparalleled sophistication, privacy, and lavishness.

All in all, Williams Island has 8 towers, and among them are Villa Flora and Mediterranean Village. It is indeed an exquisite townhome community that is developed to accentuate the legendary wants and needs of real estate purchasers.

The Williams Island conveniently sits in Aventura, which is located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami Florida. This gives the residents of Williams Island the opportunity to access the vibrant nightlife of the popular South Beach, BAL Harbour, and Coconut Grove. This Aventura gem is also proximal to Hollywood, Florida.

Williams Island is also in the heart of a hot spot which is the internationally acclaimed Art Basel. The said hot spot is renowned for its museums and lots of art walks that anyone would surely enjoy. Every building or tower in the Williams Island Community gives optimum management, friendly valets, and high level of service, knowledgeable concierges, excellent pool attendants, as well as exemplary landscape design staff, ensuring an utmost level of elegant luxury, service, and beauty.

If you are someone with a refined palate, you will surely enjoy living in Williams Island for it offers an amazing variety of dining options, ranging from Asian, Italian, Mexican, Latin, American Fare, to New World Cuisine. Williams Island also offers a huge selection of proximal food stores, cafes, and health food stores.

Many residents of Aventura, Florida considers the Aventura Mall as a paradise for shoppers. Bal Harbour on the other hand has become one of the favorite destinations when it comes to luxury shopping, since it features upscale brands, like Saks Fifth, Tiffany’s, Cartier, Neiman Marcus, Ferragamo, Chanel, and many more. Aventura is rich in boutiques rendering an explicit mix of upscale, luxury, name brand store, and local shopping. If you want to be close to the colorful shopping world of Aventura, living in Williams Island is truly a great idea.

Living in Williams Island Aventura, you will find no reasons to leave this community, since it has a realm of things to enjoy and do. One excellent example is relaxing in the world class Williams Island Spa, which offers full service body and mind spa. Some of the amenities that you can enjoy in this Williams Island relaxation haven are cutting-edge personal treatments, indoor pool, and fitness center.

To view the best real estate selections in Williams Island, contact Aventura Luxury Realty.

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Comfy Living in Aventura- The City of Excellence


Aventura, the City of Excellence, is a comfortable community which is just a few minutes away from the Sunny Beach Coast. The real estate properties in Aventura range from affordable to incredibly luxurious homes. Aventura is considered as among the perfect residential locations for families of all ages and for families. Singles too will definitely enjoy living in Aventura community.

Aventura takes pride from its booming real estate, since it is buzzing with brand new projects. There are also a lot of existing condos that are doing some upgrades to keep up with the residential requisites of their target consumers. Suffice to say, Aventura is always an in-demand real estate hub. Whether you are yearning to purchase, lease, or sell in the city of Excellence, Aventura Luxury Realty, a well-experienced real estate team and very knowledgeable in Aventura, can guide you until the last stage of the process.


All of the developments Aventura Luxury Realtyin the City of Aventura were all thoughtfully and carefully designed. These developments aim to render both entertainment and relaxation.  Same with the other communities in South Florida, Aventura gives its residents and guests the opportunity to access the sunny parks and beaches immediately.

Several neighborhoods in Aventura Community showcase exclusive tennis courts, swimming pools, fitness facilities, clubhouses, as well as other incredible residential amenities. This only proves that Aventura wants nothing but to give both existing and future residents a highly comfortable living experience.

One of the main proofs that Aventura can truly provide superb comfort living is the fact that it houses the prestigious Turnberry Isle Resort. This magnificent resort features 2 championship golf courses, a full service salon, luxury spa, as well as a myriad of bars and restaurants which are made available to the public.

 The Turnberry Isle Resort also has its exclusive Beach Club, a meeting space, so as over 400 lavish rooms. Aventura City is devoted in establishing and keeping a tight sense of community and friendship among the people who live within its vicinity. In order to accomplish this ultimate goal, there have been a couple of enhancements that were conducted in the city, which includes the introduction of the initial Charter School, a contemporary and exquisite Community Recreation Center, several public park expansions, and the inception of the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center.

Each and every one of the mentioned Aventura improvements encourage neighbors, friends, and families to gather so as enjoy the best that the City of Excellence can offer. This South Florida gem sits in the northeastern portion of the Miami-Dade County.  It is as well conveniently situated off of I-95, enabling the residents to have a trip to Fort Lauderdale or Miami for just 25 minutes. It is also among those South Florida areas that are lucky to be near the Miami International Airport.

There are also great educational institutes in the City of Aventura, since it belongs to the Miami-Dade Public School District. One of the best schools in this South Florida crowning glory is the Aventura City of Excellence School. This is a charter school which has more than a thousand students. Many people think that schools with high population are not as conducive as those with small student population.

 But make no mistake because Aventura City of Excellence School was given by the well-respected GreatSchools.org a rare rating of 10 out of 10. Why? It is because of the fact that this excellent charter school pays attention to small class sizes, specialty classes such as foreign language and music, technology integration, so as a progressive curriculum.

These are among the proofs that Aventura is a perfect community to live in.

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